Huanyu technology won the hon of "stable growth  outsting contribution" in 2016

Article From:Henan Huanyu Glass Tech Corp.

In order to promote the development of regional economy, the government of Jian'an District of Xuchang city selected Henan Huanyu Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises as excellent enterprises with "stable growth and outstanding contribution" in 2016 by comparing and checking various indicators of enterprises within its jurisdiction.

In order to cope with the changes in the market, the company actively adjusted the focus of work in 2016, increased the R & D and sales of high value-added products such as hollow built-in window glass and bus glass, vigorously improved the quality and cost control ability, and made every effort to improve efficiency and reduce cost. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company continued to maintain rapid and healthy development. In 2016, the sales volume increased by 21% and the profit increased by 38%, making outstanding contributions to the economic development of Xuchang.

The company has set up a municipal engineering technology research and development center, constantly increase research and development efforts, actively develop new products, continuously upgrade the existing technology, at the same time pay close attention to energy saving and consumption reduction, tap the potential from the inside, expand the channels from the outside, the whole company and the whole staff work together to maintain the steady growth of the economy and achieve a breakthrough in both production and marketing.

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