General workers (30)
Age: 18-55 years old, male or female.
Education background: unlimited education background.
Others: good health, hardworking, obeying arrangement and command.

CNC operators (10)
Age: 18-55 years old, male or female.
Education background: high school or above, major in numerical control and electrical automation.
Others: healthy, hardworking, obey the arrangement.

Welfare treatment: the company has canteen, dormitory, dormitory has air conditioning, water heater, independent toilet, pay five insurance, work point system award, length of service award, Festival welfare and family tourism.
Salary: 3600-6000 yuan per month.
[the company has a policy of introduction fee, and you are welcome to actively introduce people to our company for employment. For those who have worked in our company for more than one month, the introduction fee will be given to the introducer according to the company's regulations.]
Tel: 0374-5733916
Company address: kouzhuang, jiangliji Town, Jian'an District, Xuchang city. Take bus No.3 in the city to kouzhuang station
Email: xchybgs @

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